Chocking heat! ☀️

Pretty accurate. From @TechnicallyRon

Unless you’ve been asleep for 2 days – and to be honest, if you’ve managed that please tell me your secret because I can barely sleep – you would have noticed the heat wave we’ve been experiencing here (here being London, but I think the midlands were also very hot). How’s the weather where you are?

It’s a pretty British thing I think to wait all year for the sun to come out – buying an entire new wardrobe of sunny attire – only for what is usually less than 5 days of actual sun! And what’s even more British is how as soon as the sun does make an appearance, we do nothing but complain about it. My Facebook is full of rants, all I heard at work were people complaining over the sound of the table fans we each had locked to our faces, and even chalkboards outside of pubs had “it’s finally hot enough to complain about how hot it is”.

It’s hilarious how unprepared we are for this kind of weather – roads melted and the trains were a mess. Despite all their upgrades I was not feeling any benefits to the aircon. Thankfully I missed rush hour – I can only imagine the sweaty horrors. 

Now I’m a summer person. I love the sun and thankfully my brown skin can take it without getting burnt. But even I struggled today! It was mainly the fact that I was fasting so could not drink. There was no wind and barely any shade, the air was so thick I was chocking in it. I had to do a fair amount of walking and each time I went outside the heat would literally hit me.

Soon as I got on the train this morning I noticed a man wearing a bright orange jumper. Yes a jumper! Even looking at him was making me feel hot. I usually wear an abaya (loose fitted dress). This is not to say I only wear abayas, I also wear dresses and skirts but it’s usually very difficult to find clothes that fit right or have the right cut in mainstream shops. But there’s something about sunny weather that demands dress wearing.

Even then – the sweating. Damn. I think I lost more water than I drank at sehri (meal before you start the fast).

Despite all this,  I managed to maintain my fast. I did at one point feel slightly light headed but I just sat down for a few minutes and I was fine after that. The day passed relatively quickly and I was home lying underneath a fan in no time.

So on to today! What are your tips for handling the heat? 

Planning a BBQ in the sun? Don’t invite us – soggy sausages and burnt burgers aren’t our thing. – London Fire Brigade (@LondonFire)

6 thoughts on “Chocking heat! ☀️

  1. This is so funny. The first time I came to uni (in the UK) last September, all I could see were people lying all over the grass in the sun, and me (because I come from a hot country) couldn’t wait to slither into the shade of the nearest tree 😀 I’ve become used to the cold now, and yes, the whole of last week was sweltering. Cooled down today, though. My parents back home laughed disbelievingly when I told them about the heat wave and mentioned the temperature. They went, “That’s what you call a heat wave? Are you joking? We have higher temperatures here than that during winters!” I’m probably going to die of the heat if I ever go back home.


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