Being heard 

Me when I get some inspiration

As a child I kept many private journals, using obvious code names to describe other people and talking about my daily doings. Unfortunately my family do not consider privacy to be one of our most important values and my siblings would often sneak into my room and take a peak. This of course meant I had to be very careful about what I revealed. I never talked about my sexual abuse, never talked about any crushes, never talked about my family – it was always about school and friends.

Now this may sound boring at best and pointless at worst but I did not write just because I wanted all my thoughts recorded down for a future me to chuckle and reminisce. In fact, I don’t even know where I’ve put any of these journals and I believe I’ve chucked all the ones from my recent years away (too pained by what I had written about my ex). No. The reason why I wrote is because I loved writing. 

I also liked writing stories. But there was something about writing musings and thoughts that meant I could for hours – the loud voices in my mind talking over each other so they could be heard, waiting to seep out and be written in ink.

During university by daily thoughts became more and more those I could not risk writing down. So I didn’t, storing them in my head, hoping one day I will be able to write them out anonymously. Until I realised recently – just 2 weeks ago in fact – that I could do that now! And so I birthed Being Woke. I’ve previously explained my reason behind the name. Funnily enough the name isn’t one I thought about deeply. As soon as it popped into my head, I knew it fit.

But then something else happened. I was welcomed into a whole community, with a whole world of topics and styles of writing. I have begun spending more time exploring, discovering and getting lost in other voices than I do voicing my own. And when I thought Being Woke would be my own private space on the big web, I now realise not to be the case. How amazing that I can write all the things I was afraid to before and be heard at the same time.

I know I’m not perfect, far from it! But I’m hoping through recording my thoughts daily I will continue to develop. Being heard has acted as an unplanned reinforcement. I feel empowered and ready to trust my words. Ready to keep going. And perhaps even, one day, ready to sign my name against my writing and be heard.

For what reasons did you start writing online? And what sort of blogs do you like reading?

Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable  – David Augsburger

[This has been written as part of Blogging 101. Where I have been asked to explain the purpose of my blog. You may have noticed I’ve also recently changed my tagline. What do you think?]

18 thoughts on “Being heard 

  1. Welcome 🙂 It is great that you have found a safe space to express yourself and let your inner voices out! I started my blog to share my passion about reading. It is in French, but I’ve been told by English-speaking readers that Google translate does a fairly good job at translating it, if you’re interested!
    Yes, it is so amazing to be part of a community, and to discover what other bloggers have to offer. My advice is: do allocate some time to read other blogs, but allocate some as well to write your own. You need to find a balance.
    Once again, welcome to this amazing community!

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    • Thank you! Yes I’ll defo check it out when I’m on my laptop. I do a lot of my reading on my phone so it’s not the best platform to do translating.
      Thanks for the advice in getting a balance! I’m lucky because I’m still at the stage where I get bursts of inspiration so I’ve been able to schedule a few posts ready to go ahead of time so I have a bit more time to do reading. But I suspect I’ll have to rebalance that soon

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  2. Your experience is completely relatable to other writers as well! I have gone through the same struggles personally when trying to jot down all my feelings through writing. When I was 16, though, I discovered an app for electronic journaling, and I loved it! Now I could store my thoughts in a safe place without risking the scrutiny from others that usually happens with physical journals I have lying around. I still do write with pen and paper, but when I want to unleash EVERYTHING- I mean everything beautiful and ugly, no exception- I record it in my journaling app and feel relieved.
    Eventually, while I was searching for more writing apps, I came across WordPress and figured, “Hey, maybe someone might be interested in my writing? Might as well give it a try,”
    And so here I am 😉
    Great article beingwoke!


    • Thank you!
      I literally went through the same thing. I had an app on my phone but I couldn’t get into it. I just wanted to write in a book so I stopped. I think the fact I haven’t written anything for a few years now drove me to get up and start a blog.

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  3. The part where you said that being heard has helped you to trust your words was really uplifting. In a lot of ways, that is my mission as well, to learn to trust my own words. I look forward to reading more from you. You seem to have a pretty down to earth perspective on life.

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  4. I like this. I’ve always had this writer inside of me but have been afraid to unleash it. This is my second time signing up for this class and the first time actually taking part in it. I’m happy to be here and I’m happy you’re here. I look forward to reading your blog.

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  5. You have an interesting story to tell. I am curious to hear it. I will say that being heard, especially after years of having to close off your true emotions and thoughts, is both terrifying and relieving. I do hope that you trust yourself more in the coming years because you have a story to tell and you should tell it well.
    For me, I started writing online simply because a friend suggested that I do it. I had no intention of really making anything out of it but here I am soon to be a year later. I like to read blogs that are personal. Blogs about general things are nice and helpful but I live for person stories and experiences; that’s why my blog is sort of journalistic. That’s also why I am planning to stick around for you Being Woke. I’m curious to know your story. 🙂

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