The ordinary girl

She wakes up an ordinary girl. Gets ready for work, works, relaxes, goes to bed. Her life like clockwork, ordinary.

But as her head hits her pillow and she closes her eyes, her mind fills with extraordinary things: creatures and whole worlds, revolutions and solutions, hopes and dreams. She flicks through the channels, what will she explore today? Ideas for stories and plays or perhaps art she’d like to create. They all rushed to the front of her mind – pick me, pick me”, they say –, finally released from the dark corner she stores them, allowing her to go in with her ordinary day.

Her existence transforms whilst she lies on her bed, under her duvet, in her small room, eyes tightly shut. Her mind bursts with colour and action, whilst her room sits still and dark.

One by one she plays with them, develops them and makes them grow stronger. Each thought filled with passion, determination and risk. Till she is sure today will be the day she wakes up an extraordinary girl. Jogs with the sunrise, pitches her ideas, makes new friends, develops her relationships, creates, discovers, explores, goes to bed. Her life like a circuit, lighting up and making connections.

Yet whilst deep in her slumber, her insecurities and fears turn into riot control. They lock shields and circle, drawing closer and closer, shoving all her extraordinary thoughts back into their dark corner. “Go back, she’s not ready” they say – forcing all the colour to seep away.

She wakes up an ordinary girl. Gets ready for work, works, relaxes, goes to bed. Her life like clockwork, ordinary. 

Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well – Angelique Arnauld

15 thoughts on “The ordinary girl

      • Lovely piece here beingwoke! The ordinary girl turned extraordinary humbled to ordinary once more. The struggle between realizing your own greatness and actually expressing it, is an incredible one. Love what you’ve done. Keep up the wonderful writing!

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      • Thank you. I think it’s one I defiantly see people around me struggle with – why can I always see the greatness in them and why are they so blind to it? And I wonder if anyone thinks that about me.

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      • I’m sure that thought has it’s own cycle and circle that keeps circling. I wouldn’t be surprised if others think that about me as I do about them sometimes. I believe you will realize your greatness, as you continue down this path of blogging. I have found it to be quite freeing and it helped revitalized my passion for writing. Stick to your guns and you’ll come out fine 🙂

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  1. Why do the best, most inspiring ideas happen when you’re trying to get to sleep??? Last night the same happened to me, and by morning I regretted not jumping out to write them all word for word.

    Great post!

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