(lack of) Redecorating 

We haven’t redecorated our living room for over 10 years. There have been a few updated furniture as the need arose but the wallpaper has remained the same embossed floral pattern. The are two reasons for this:

  1. It is such an improvement from the loud, pub-esque paper my father chose and put up when we first moved in.
  2. My mum’s bedroom is a priority: it hasn’t had any change, furniture included, for over 15 years!

My mum when I mention redecorating. Source

In that time-frame I’ve revamped my own room more than a dozen times. Painting from blue – to magnolia – to pink to it’s now hybrid of coral and cream. It’s not so much that I get bored, more that I love reinventing spaces. 


Powerful text – read what it says.

As a child it was “my room and only room” so I displayed all my “important and pretty things” on my window sill. My bangles on their alna and shells I had collected at a school trip to the beach. I grew to prefer the minimalist look, having absolutely nothing on display. No cushions on my bed and no posters on my wall. And then my room became my study, walls plastered with revision acronyms or diagrams to memorise, annually replaced. ‘Till it became my haven. No more signs of stress here – revision took place in the library, candles placed around the room and shelves displaying little gifts or rocks I had collected whilst on holidays. And that’s how it stays now – personal and safe. With just the addition of one poster, rooting me to politics.

And that brings me on to redecorating this blog (today’s blogging 101 task). Currently I use Typography. It responds well on multiple devices, the colours and font match me and it doesn’t have the obstructive date sign that aligns the text to the side. It’s simple yet a little quirky with those dropping letters, gradient backgrounds and customisable header. And after several play arounds, I’m sticking to it.

Perhaps I’m finally turning into a creature of habit.

7 thoughts on “(lack of) Redecorating 

    • perhaps you can store them? I store personal things that I no longer need or want to keep out in big boxes under my bed. And annually I go through them, get rid of some stuff so I can make room for more.

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  1. Change isn’t bad but I understand where you’re coming from with regards to your blog. I debated changing mine but then I realized that nothing fit it quite like I wanted and needed like the first theme I chose. New things can be good but old things carry more meaning and that’s what we have to be careful about when replacing them.

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