So it ends, so it begins

Feels like the last scene of Friends. Yes, it’s that sad.

And it’s over – handed back my keys, wrote down all the social media passwords and we’ve held our last meetings with the managers. All I have left to do now is enjoy the leavers do and cry.

Well maybe not cry. Or perhaps I will. This has genuinely been the best year of my life: I’ve found myself, I’ve found the people I want to be around and I’ve found the cause I want to fight for. And I’m not sure I’m ready to leave.

I (mis)used my last access to free colour printing to print out pictures, tweets and statuses from the past year – all ready for my scrap book. So many memories, so many times I felt vital and alive. And really – how many jobs are there that make you feel like that? Vital. Alive. 

Looking back to who I was just a mere 12 months ago: not really sure of my place in the wider world or how I fit in, not all that confident in presenting, nervous at making friends. Now I am able to walk into a room full of strangers, introduce myself and hold conversations. I can present for twenty minutes with barely any planning. I know what I think and I know how to defend those views. I’ve had to deal with negative press, people who I don’t even represent scrutinising me, loss of engagement, evil management, heartbreak when candidates I campaigned for lost elections (and no I’m not just talking the general elections – though that was heartbreaking too) – but I’ve pulled through.

And I’ve done more than pull through. Looking over my manifesto and being able to tick off every single point on there and much, much more feels amazing. I am so grateful for the support I’ve received and the team I’ve been lucky to have ended up with. People kept saying during handover that we’ve left big shoes to fill and I never believed them. But seeing all the work spread out in front of me – even I don’t know how we managed it. It’s been phenomenal and I just hope the work is built on by the new team, and we grow from strength to strength.

This year has been a grace period before I’ve had to start my graduate scheme in my chosen career path, and in it I’ve been able to get ready. So now when I go in, I won’t get trampled all over, I’ll have strong friends to come back to who can keep me grounded and I’ll be confident in my abilities.

I’m ready. Bring it on, corporate world.

Jon Snow D:

9 thoughts on “So it ends, so it begins

  1. Endings are another way of beginning. It’s interesting to look back retrospectively and see your own growth as a person. I’m glad that you’ve improved but still more adventures await you in the future! Pursue life and meet it head on! You are ready after all so don’t lose that drive 😉

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  2. Totally off topic, but I just watched this last episode of Friends – god I miss that show. I can catch reruns on local San Diego station..I keep watching over and over again. Reading your post, I feel like I don’t have all the details on where you’re leaving and going to…? Did I miss somethinkg or is that the intent? To leave us mystfied?


    • Friends is amazing!
      The intent wasn’t to leave readers mystified but I can’t go into as much detail as required to answer that question to remain anonymous. The field I’ve just left is in the press quite a lot so I can’t go into it too much.

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  3. I had the same question as DD above. Did you work for a candidate who is out of a political race or something? I read through a bunch of your stuff trying to find out.


    • Hi
      No I didn’t – I can’t go into it too much because I want to remain anonymous. It is a political race but not for the government – for positions for national union committees.


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