53 days of summer 

This morning I woke up knowing I have nowhere I must be and nothing I must do. Today I am a free women – for 53 days. 53 days of summer (roll credits).

I start my graduate scheme in September, leaving me with 53 glorious days to myself. This is the first year in six years when I am in this position. Since college I have filled my summers with internships, volunteering roles, holidays abroad and/or work. But this year I have enough money saved up to last me two months of being purely idle – pure bliss.

That is until I realise this is the first year in six years when I am in this position. And I remember why that is the case. I do not enjoy doing nothing. Through all the stress of overworking and taking on more than I can handle, my mind is at peace. I have a purpose and I feel like I am moving forward. I need to feel like I am moving forward.

I sit here wondering how on earth I will cope. Which is ironic since I have never wondered about coping at times when I was barely coping.

Long gone are the days when everyone is on holiday together – all my friends have to continue working. I have my family, but how many siblings days out will fill up my 53 days without us getting sick of each other’s company – my guess is five.

That leaves me with me.

I wish… I will be spending the summer finding free (or very cheap) ways to have fun.

After my initial panic, I realise there are so many unfinished projects, so many places I want to visit, so many things I want to read. So the next 52 days (or perhaps 51 days if I spend the last one thinking about starting my new career) will be about my adventures (or lack of – my first day will be spent tidying my room!).

And since hindsight is a wonderful thing, and in 53 days I will have just that – here’s what I think I will spend my summer doing:

  1. tidying – I am at the stage where opening my wardrobe causes an avalanche.
  2. writing – not this blog (well I plan to do that too) but short stories.
  3. reading – have just asked my friends for recommendations so I can buy some new books.
  4. sewing – I was given a sewing machine a few years ago but never used it. I hope by the end of summer I will have made a skirt.
  5. scrap booking – recording down the happenings of this past year
  6. picnic-ing – visiting some parks I haven’t visited yet and some of my old favs
  7. learning – I have signed up to an Arabic intensive language course.
  8. cooking – bengali dishes, I should add. I can already cook pasta and such but am yet to master a good curry.
  9. watching – films, OITNB, Suits, Mindy Project, Empire, Jane the Virgin … just so many things.
  10. knitting – I learnt how to knit in knitting club last year but am yet to complete anything more than a square bunny. Hoping to make loads of squares so I can get faster, learn various techniques and make a colourful blanket in the process.

Now that my list is all written out like that, it is feeling a little too ambitious – just the way I like things!

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll have some time for some summer nights. I’m just kidding – I just wanted an excuse to use this gif –

What are you plans for the summer ? Do you get a summer break?

8 thoughts on “53 days of summer 

  1. I get a break during ‘low season’ which is between Jan-April-ish. Right now I hope to work every weekend! which probably sounds awful but I take Mondays off instead, so I guess my time off just shifts. btw I think you should add some fun exercise (i like calling this funercise) to your list! x

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    • I’m a college librarian, so I have summers off, dream all year of the bliss ahead and then am faced with the reality of all the projects I put off during the year. My list ranges from write poems to write a will, but I also plan to allow time for silence and reverie, food for the writing soul!

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  2. My wardrobe is always in the as-soon-as you-open-me-I’ll-bury-you-in-shit-and-no-one-will-ever-find-your-body state 😀

    Your summer days to-do list sounds pretty neat. I’m in awe of the knitting, sewing and learning Arabic part.

    I’m a Postgrad student, so I don’t get summers off as we have dissertations and projects. I still manage to waste time everyday and do lots of nothing, making it seem as if I indeed am having a summer break 😛


  3. I am currently on summer break but I am using it to work and earn money. College is expensive and I can’t afford to just be broke. But when I have free time, I’m spending it with my sister and best friends. There are other things but…I figure that out as I go.

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