That smile 

He smiled at her from across the room. One dimple appeared on his right cheek, eyes shone and forehead creased. Beautifully sculpted lips slightly apart to reveal a perfect set of teeth. It was as if he had reached into her stomach and squeezed.

And she knew. She knew she would bare her soul to that smile. That smile that made her forget what she was reading. That smile that made her forget about the in crowd that surrounded him. That smile that made her forget how cruel he had been to her friend yesterday.

She looked away, cheeks flushed, hands clammy. How was he even looking at her? She was a no one, invisible. Too afraid to move in case she stumbled and embarrassed herself.

She glanced up. And his face still held the smile that would cost her everything. But she didn’t know that yet. And for now, all she knew was that smile would be her everything.

Inspired by Daily Post’s prompt Brilliant Disguise as part of Blogging 101. 

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