The terror: #WelfareBill

I am terrified. Those quiet whispers of dissent now clear voices – spoken out loud and turned into policies.

But what words will let you know of my terror? How do I show you I am not the enemy? Wake you up to the twists of the media that make me the villain when it is them – the 1% – who we should be fighting? Unified by terror and hate when it should be love.

And what sense can I speak to break your ignorance. Make you see how they steal your freedom, lie about your safety and share false pride. When they simultaneously, shamelessly boast about British values of democracy when we have hereditary peers in our legislature and an unelected, taxpayer funded head of state; equality when the equalities minister voted against equal marriage. 

Increased isolation of communities. Cuts – families homeless, starving children, disabled murdered. Punishing of the marginalised whilst the masses remain silence.  But these people are not considered important so long as the economy is recovering and you keep a bit more of your earnings. These people are not your people, no one you know and no one you need to think about.

How do I rip away the blinders around your head and tear away the tape wrapped around your mouth? Listen, ask, understand. I am not the only one terrified – you have no excuse to be ignorant. Don’t turn your back on me.

This is how I felt when I heard about the passing of the Welfare Bill, that will:

  • Restrict child tax credits to the first two children 
  • Cut the benefit cap to £20,000 or £23,000 in London, a year
  • Cut the income of many sick and disabled people on Employment Support Allowance by £30/week
  • Remove government’s legal requirement to reduce child poverty 
  • Remove the words child poverty from the Child Poverty Act 2010, renaming it the Life Chances Act.

The sad thing is, this is not even the worse policy – they have passed so far! 

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

– Pastor Martin Niemöller

5 thoughts on “The terror: #WelfareBill

  1. Your “name” caught my attention. You had commented on a blog by Darkwriter. I wanted to learn more. I really like your style: your grammar (I like old English), your graphics, your quotes. We only have one thing in common, aside from being female, we are both women of Faith! So I guess that’s really two things!
    I have two blogs. My name will take you to my husband’s and my travel adventure blog (btw, he’s my perfect man. I am the more educated and I was the high income earner-but he balanced me. Most important, we made a beautiful baby who grew up into a wonderful woman and had made us grandparents! There is nothing better in this world! I never thought about that at your age. I seriously questioned whether to have children. My favorite barren aunt said YES, you must. I’m so sad I didn’t name her after my aunt, Esther.
    The blog I tried to work on in Blogging 101 is my spiritual journey blog. Sadly, I couldn’t keep up with the course. My first failure-I always excelled in school. So I’m going to try it again in August! I’ve enjoyed meeting so many different people/bloggers! Anyway, check it out:

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    • Thank you for sharing. I will defo check out both your blogs. Faith is so important to me personally because it’s got me through so many troubles in life and been the strength I needed. So I love reading about other people’s spirituals journeys.

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  2. This is striking stuff beingwoke. Quite against the grain but such words and ideas are required when ignorance is powering the masses and puppeteers are controlling the masses. These kinds of events are scary but they always need addressing. Thank you for taking a stance. Stand strong!

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