Happy Monthiversary

Now I don’t want to appear like the overzelous partner in a relationship, but it’s my monthiversary! It’s been a whole 30 days since Being Woke was born. 30 days of daily posting, gaining 115 followers and 800 hits.

Oh yes, being awesome. (disclaimer: I don’t like anonymous and don’t associate myself with them)

I want to say but it’s not about that. And in truth, it’s not. I did not start this blog knowing about the reader, tags and community pools. And choosing to stay anonymous would mean I wouldn’t even be able to share with my offline friends. So it really is not about that. And I would like to think I would be writing the same things in the same way regardless of how many people actually read what I have to say. And perhaps I would, but the encouragement and thoughts certainly help keep the motivation up.

But it got me thinking about my readers. I wonder if they’re like me – women, Muslim, person of colour, petite? Or if they share my interests – I have way too many to list, and it will probably be easier to list interests I don’t have: cats, cars, horror film.

So, help me celebrate my monthiversary. Introduce yourself – what are your pet peeves, what one word would you describe yourself with, what’s your favourite thing in the world? Anything – whatever you’re comfortable sharing.

11 thoughts on “Happy Monthiversary

  1. Congratulations haha you’ve been so active I didn’t know you started about the same time as I did. I’m pretty much the opposite of you in terms of physicality (male, Episcopalian, white, and 6’4), but I do happen to hate horror movies, so we have that in common, and I enjoy everything that you blog about and appreciate your input on a lot of my posts.
    My pet peeve is when children cry in a nice restaurant and their parents don’t do anything about it. I know that’s oddly specific, but that’s what it is. I hope you continue to post and be active! It’s been nice to meet you

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  2. Well, I’m Carlos. I hate cigarette smoke. If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be caring. I think that’s the simplest way to say it even though there’s way more to that! My favorite thing, well, I can’t say. It changes too often to be my favorite and plus, I try not to make favorites because that create hierarchy (which is fine and dandy but it also means one thing has less value than another [or at least implies it.])

    Happy Monthiversary!! Glad to be sharing it with you! 🙂


    • Thank you 🙂 hi Carlos!
      Caring is a nice way to describe oneself and I’m glad you can see you have the quality in yourself.
      I have way too many favourite things too – which is why I struggled to list them. And it changes depending on my mood, how much money I have, who I’m with, how much energy I have – so many things!

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