Happy Monthiversary

Now I don’t want to appear like the overzelous partner in a relationship, but it’s my monthiversary! It’s been a whole 30 days since Being Woke was born. 30 days of daily posting, gaining 115 followers and 800 hits.

Oh yes, being awesome. (disclaimer: I don’t like anonymous and don’t associate myself with them)

I want to say but it’s not about that. And in truth, it’s not. I did not start this blog knowing about the reader, tags and community pools. And choosing to stay anonymous would mean I wouldn’t even be able to share with my offline friends. So it really is not about that.Β And I would like to think I would be writing the same things in the same way regardless of how many people actually read what I have to say. And perhaps I would, but the encouragement and thoughts certainly help keep the motivation up.

But it got me thinking about my readers. I wonder if they’re like me – women, Muslim, person of colour, petite? Or if they share my interests – I have way too many to list, and it will probably be easier to list interests I don’t have: cats, cars, horror film.

So, help me celebrate my monthiversary. Introduce yourself – what are your pet peeves, what one word would you describe yourself with, what’s your favourite thing in the world? Anything – whatever you’re comfortable sharing.


11 thoughts on “Happy Monthiversary

  1. My pet peeve is cigarette smoke… or any kind of smoke fore that matter.

    Happy monthiversary to your blog! We call it “monthsary” here in the Philippines πŸ™‚

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  2. Congratulations haha you’ve been so active I didn’t know you started about the same time as I did. I’m pretty much the opposite of you in terms of physicality (male, Episcopalian, white, and 6’4), but I do happen to hate horror movies, so we have that in common, and I enjoy everything that you blog about and appreciate your input on a lot of my posts.
    My pet peeve is when children cry in a nice restaurant and their parents don’t do anything about it. I know that’s oddly specific, but that’s what it is. I hope you continue to post and be active! It’s been nice to meet you

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  3. Well, I’m Carlos. I hate cigarette smoke. If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be caring. I think that’s the simplest way to say it even though there’s way more to that! My favorite thing, well, I can’t say. It changes too often to be my favorite and plus, I try not to make favorites because that create hierarchy (which is fine and dandy but it also means one thing has less value than another [or at least implies it.])

    Happy Monthiversary!! Glad to be sharing it with you! πŸ™‚


    • Thank you πŸ™‚ hi Carlos!
      Caring is a nice way to describe oneself and I’m glad you can see you have the quality in yourself.
      I have way too many favourite things too – which is why I struggled to list them. And it changes depending on my mood, how much money I have, who I’m with, how much energy I have – so many things!

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