Down melody lane

Music can trigger some of the most vivid memories we have. Sometimes it’s the lyrics themselves – speaking words we didn’t know how to string together. Other times it’s the space we’re in, the people we’re with, the adventures we’re living. I’ve had a think about my top 5 memorable songs. These are not necessarily my favourite songs – because that changes with my mood – but music that remind me of periods of my life. Come and join me down melody lane. 

  1. Dilemma, Nelly and Kelly – primary school: This was #1 when I was in year 6. I remember in our leavers party we were all singing it and one of the boys (I don’t even remember his name) sang it really badly. I don’t think I even understood the words at the time but this is one of the oldest songs I associate with a memory.
  2. Beep, Pussycat Dolls – end of secondary school: We didn’t have a playground as much in my school, so were allowed to spend lunch and breaks inside (with no teachers around). There we would sing (amongst other things like dragging each other around – sounds weird when written down but was hilarious to do). There are so many songs we would sing in chorus in class – One Republic’s Apologize is one that sticks out prominently in my head. But Beep reminds me of all our parties, sleepover.  We would immediately get in formation, some being Snoop and the rest of us being the girls. It was like our anthem. We didn’t need boys – we just needed each other.

    Not that any boys were asking us to go around, but that was besides the point.

  3. Halo, Beyonce – first (and currently only) boyfriend: Though things ended sour, my relationship with him also gave me the strength to talk about things I hadn’t talked about before e.g. sexual harassment. This song was my strength to be open and take that leap of faith.
  4. I love you so, Maher Zain – ISoc/university: You can never have too many Maher Zane songs. I think every one of his songs will have some sort of memory – whether that be related to a leavers party, the winter ball, FOSIS (Federation of Student Islamic Societies). But the one that gets to me every time is “I love you so” which was used in my own leavers video. It reminds me of all the amazing friends I made and our joy of being together. The ISoc (Islamic society) literally changed my life and made me who I am now. 
  5. Story of my life, One Direction – finding me: Strangely this song reminds me of my trip to Bangladesh (explained here). This trip was a direct response to me breaking up, it was a chance for me to forget about the past and come back refreshed. And that is exactly what happened. During this time, I was also well into my first job, discovered my love for activism and student politics. So it reminds me of being me.  

What songs hold a special memory to you? 

10 thoughts on “Down melody lane

  1. For some reason, I have such a connection to I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry. The song was popular when I really started making friends in elementary school. We’d change up the lyrics, sing it in karaoke, and all that fun stuff. Melody lane is a pretty cool idea!


  2. A song by elton john -bennie and the Jets. It was grade 10, my hand was in a cast, 1200 miles from home but I felt content with my life, confident about my future and girls slow danced with me because of my hand. Life was good.

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