Formal wear

In a few weeks I start my graduate scheme in the corporate world. I don’t want to name the company but it is one of the Big Four. Now there are many fears – will I be able to make friends, will I be able to handle the workload, will I fit in? But the one that’s at the front of my mind: what will I wear?!

What I look like – trying to look serious

I wear a hijab and long flow-y clothes. This includes jilbabs, maxi-dresses and skirts. That makes things tough but doable – I am just continuously stocking up on suitable items as and when a store adds them to their line. Except I am also petite. And I mean really petite. Size 4-6 (UK) and 5 ft. Many stores don’t even stock that size and when they do, they’re too long. Skirts are easy enough to tailor. But what about shirts and blazers? I am forever looking like I’ve been engulfed, like a child trying on her daddy’s suit. My only solution is to fold in the sleeves and opt to buy fitted styles – which are still big but I think I can pull them off.  Continue reading

Lefty or a Righty?

Which brain side do you use the most? A Mercedes Benz advertisement. 

Our society places the left side of the brain on a pedestal. Students able to teach Maths, Chemistry and Physics receive a grant – getting paid to gain the teaching qualification whilst everyone needs to pay for the same course. Universities often offer more research projects in these areas – and those that are able to offer more research are considered leading institutions. Students excelling in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, Medicine and Maths) are seen as the “brainy kids”.

Considered “brainy” even though the other subjects require just as much “brain power” – but perhaps require the other side. For instance, not many STEMM students can paint, write poetry or even an extended essay.  Continue reading