Pet Peeves: a list

I am an avid list maker. You may have noticed this is my previous posts such as the one about my brother, the one about my first date or the one about white people. I even considered listing the posts that contained lists in them but I don’t think anyone is that passionate about lists. I make lists daily – my to do list, my order of things to wear this week to work list, my what to write on this blog list. Lists make me feel organised. So I have no qualms with today’s writing 101 challenge of making a list. I was recently speaking to my sister about pet peeves* so here are mine –

  1. When people don’t shut the lid to the toothpaste and leave it on the sink. It’s not that hard people – a simple extension of the arm will return all back to normal
  2. People brushing their teeth near me, or hearing the sound of teeth brushing. This literally makes my skin crawl. I can’t watch toothpaste commercials, can’t share a bathroom and need to close my eyes when we go to residentials where we all need to share one large bathroom with several sinks. It makes me shudder just thinking about it.
  3. Those squirty anti-bacterial gels. All they do is dry out your hands. Yes they may kill a few bacteria but I’m sure your stomach or even your saliva would have managed that. It doesn’t kill off the germs that actually do you harm – all a ploy to trick our nation of clean freaks.
  4. Public beef on Facebook. If you’ve got an issue with someone, call them, see them, text them – anything but write a barely disguised status on Facebook which they respond to on their own status. And for God’s sake – do not tag others in so they can see/comment. I’ll be honest – with friends who are all atleast in their early 20s, this is not something I witness anymore. But I know it happens in other friend circles and makes me shake my head in dispair (and pity to be honest).
  5. People saying or doing something racist and then denying it or using the “I have a friend of that colour/creed” as a justification. It literally makes my blood boil.

So those are my top 5. What’s your pet peeve? 

* pet peeves are things or habits other people do that you find extremely irritating. 

**I usually have quotes and gifs/memes on all my posts but with my new job I’m having to post from my phone. Will edit when I have the time. 

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