#IAM: islamophobia awareness month 

As I waited for the train this morning I felt disturbingly aware of my surroundings. Did that man just glare at me? Is that women charging towards me? Why do those group of kids keep looking at my direction?

I felt genuine fear. I didn’t know if I should call someone or if getting my phone out would make me more vulnerable. Islamophobia is making me paranoid.
And I know it’s not just me. A good friend has asked her mum to not go out for a few weeks. She chooses to wear the face veil and had a man attack her. Can you imagine, being trapped in your own home. I would not know how I would cope if anything happened to my mum. Heartbreaking. Another friend of mine was spat at in the street as he walked home. Imagine people who think of you as such subpar and with such disgust that they can spit at you. Revolting. A woman was bottled in the street a few days ago just because she was visibly Muslim – choosing to wrap a scarf around her head. Terrifying.

This month is Islamophobia Awareness Month. The point of it is just make people aware just how real islamophobia is. It is not people playing the race card or making a big deal out of nothing. It is heartbreaking, revolting and terrifying. And it is the reality of Muslims all around the world.


Write a status, blog or tweet about how islamophobia has affected you with the hashtag #IAM. Let’s share our stories, they’re real and should be heard.
And for those of you who has not experienced islamophobia yourself, ask your Muslim friends how their journey home was recently, offer to hear their fears, be a good friend.

If you’d like to find out more, check out these events FOISIS (below) and MEND (their website) have organised.  

9 thoughts on “#IAM: islamophobia awareness month 

  1. Reblogged this on ARISE-TO-TRASH and commented:
    It is awful that people need to go through this fear. Nobody deserves to be afraid to leave their homes for fear of “looking visibly Muslim”.

    It is Islamophobia Awareness Month, I ask that you be considerate of your thoughts and actions. Not just this month, but always.

    #IAM standing in solidarity with you.

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  2. Islam is not terror and is not something the western community should fear!!! My words might be meaningless but I hope you take one drop of kindness in the sea of fear and hold on to it. Know that I’m out here – I’m white, I’m American, I’m Christian – and I love you. I love Islam. And there are so many more like me! We just need to get as loud as those filled with fear and hate. Anyway – stay safe! Allah walks with you wherever you go.

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  3. It’s horrible and is so narrow minded the whole attitude! Why assume what you don’t consider the blame to be ever true for yourself? People need to realise that Muslims are not confined to the IS or the Taliban. We’re as human as the next person waiting for the train.

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