TBT: 2015

tumblr_n3jtgnrmog1tnbth9o1_500The year end has sneaked up on me. It’s been a weird one – leaving university, starting my career, leaving my fiancé after a seven year relationship, learning more and more about white privilege and fighting against it – so much has happened.

It’s both dragged on and flown by. I am not the same person that watched 2015 come in. Then again, I’m not the same person that watched December come in so no surprises there. I’ve decided not to have new new years’ resolutions. I will just sit back and ride the roller coaster of life – mostly because I never keep them.


Instead, I reflected back. It is #TBT afterall! Here are the things I am grateful for:

  1. tumblr_inline_n9aa048a8n1rxiaqinew friendships: The world of student and anti-racist activism has saved me. The events, the people, the movement – I am inspired, I am woke, I am here!
  2. old friendships: My girls – girls I have been close to since secondary. And though we are all in different places in life and there for each other in the same way – we are still there for each other.
  3. wpid-tumblr_mvo1q65v1s1sm3o7uo1_400broken ties: I was able to see some people for what they are and cleanse my life of their clutter. My cheating fiancé,  my abusive father, the microaggressors. Bye Felica.
  4. rekindled ties: I visited Bangladesh after fifteen years. And though it was the best time of my life, coming back was one of the worst. My heart literally tore in two and I am sure I have left a piece behind with my nan.
  5. 060ec21017e667e3f8041664f8fb7b6b9cc8bbaee97d2e4d120a4871b50911a5the muslamics: There have been many times this year that I have felt othered and unsafe. Yet Muslim students have been killing it with their muslamic rayguns. From raising £754,759.17 for charity in one week, to organising against oppression – I have so much hope in the youth of today.
  6. monies: I know I complain about work but it pays well and I did not help-me-help-you-jerry-maguire-gif-i8have a period in between university where I was unemployed. My mum has been going through particular financial hardship this year due to a mistake made by the government (which is taking them more than 4 months to fix) so I am grateful I have the capacity to be there for my family who would have otherwise starved.
  7. obi-wan-corbynjezzers: Despite the Torys and their onslaught of changes that hurt the poor, working class and essentially everyone who does not benefit from the hetro-normative, imperialist patriarchy – the election of Corbyn is welcome hope.
  8. beingwoke: I started this blog 6 months ago now. It has been a source of comfort for me, both in terms of being able to write what tumblr_inline_nqfvxez4gv1rict0a_500I am thinking but also through the community I have found here. Thank you to everyone who reads, comments and writes and a special shout out to Carlos who I feel I’ve found a friend in.


Happy New Year everyone. Hope you’re able to leave behind the crap, take forward the love and find new hope in 2016.

This idea is from Epibee’s post

5 thoughts on “TBT: 2015

  1. Lmao at ‘the muslamics!’ Haha! An awesome blog post, I feel inspired to write a similar one looking back on my year – but this could just be a procrastination device as I have deadlines up to my ears!!! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this- good on you for getting rid of all the drama. Best of luck for this year xx

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