Being poor: save our council homes

The Torys have put forward a proposal to stop new council tenants from having lifelong tenancies. Instead tenancies will last only two – five years, after which their position will be reconsidered and they may be removed. This is just another  attack on the poor – now being told having a stable home is too much of a privilege that they can’t afford.

Council housing are often the only form of housing working class families can afford – rent being sky high and too unpredictable. And we all know it’s near impossible to actually own a home here.

Imagine your family having to move around every five years – your children having to move schools – affecting the friendships they form, their studies and confidence. Just making friends with the neighbours and then having to move again – would you even bother making friends? Wasting money on decorating when with the current cuts you can barely afford food and clothing – would you even bother redecorating?

Living in a house – not a home. Uncertain of your future. Whole neighbourhoods destroyed. Community spirit forgotten.

I grew up in a council house and still live in a council estate. I remember the upheaval in the early days before we got our permanent home now. We were living out of suitcases, homes were often damp and horrible and I was always the new kid. Having a stable home meant I was able to go to one school – get to know my teachers, make lifelong friends and being able to bring friends round, not worry about where I will be living. I am now a graduate and working – having a stable home played a huge part in this.

Just because we are poor does not mean we don’t deserve a home. Being poor is not a crime and should not be punished. A stable home is simple decency.

This proposal makes no sense for anyone apart from the rich. It puts further strains on councils to do extra processing and means they can never plan ahead.

I urge you all to sign this petition and help save our council homes.

11 thoughts on “Being poor: save our council homes

  1. It’s so ironic that this very same government ensures teachers and schools to cater for their less privileged students and ‘free school meal’ students through help and support are, at the same time, causing such upheaval in the domestic lives of these children. It’s going to have a profound impact on so many people’s lives and futures; where are people going to go with their whole families in tow?! I’m just disgusted with the Tories.

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    • I’m not sure it was the Tories that implemented free school meals – think that was labour but I haven’t looked the beginning myself. I did read a few months ago that the Tories wanted to scrap it though.
      I always associate free school meals as something the black panther party promoted – so I am not surprised it goes against the right wing policies we have now.


      • No, what I meant was- in schools there’s a real push from the government to make teachers more accountable for how the free school meal kids perform. The schools that don’t provide good teaching and support for these kids are shot down by ofsted YET by changing the tenancy, a lot of these children will have even worse lives and will do even worse in education than now- despite how hard schools work. Both are opposite, on the one hand government wants to shorten tenancy yet except schools to work miracles and expect kids to make it regardless.

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      • Ah I see what you mean.
        I think it’s just another attack on the public sector by the government.
        These schools that ‘don’t do well’ often have a bigger percentage of children from lower economic backgrounds. Therefore by punishing these schools, the kids do even worse. Loose loose situation.
        There’s a drive to just pass exams rather than push for individual and critical thinking – creating drones to fit into their capitalistic world.

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  2. Woah. Well, this is certainly a problem. I don’t really know the policies of the UK but… if for nothing else, no one should simply be thrown in the street and upheaved. Rather than creating more problems, find different solutions to the same one! I feel for your cause beingwoke. Continue to voice yourself!


      • I certainly care about people. I am a part of “people” so why wouldn’t I care? But it’s a shame the politicians are inconsiderate at this time.
        And I’ve thought about this before too. Why do politicians act as if they can’t suddenly be revoked from their positions and become one of the masses just like that? That’s baffling…


      • I guess it’s because many of them have never been part of the masses. They were born into luxury and they just don’t know what it’s like being poor.
        David Cameron – our prime minister for example – was burning £50 notes in front of the homeless in his 20s. In my 20s I am feeding my whole family!

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      • Woah. What kind of buffoonery? *sigh* For those people, it takes a true fall from their pedestal to be humbled. Let them suddenly be bankrupt tomorrow and we’d see how much money they’d burn…

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