Confessions of an anonymous being 

  1. I lied about all sorts of things when I was young to try and be cool. I lied about having internet when we didn’t even have a computer and smoking weed when I haven’t ever tried a lit cigarette. I lied about starting my period even though I hadn’t.
  2. Once I did not wash my hair for a whole month.
  3. I was a Beliber when being one was uncool.
  4. My accent changes depending on who I’m talking to.
  5. I failed my driving test more than 10 times. I don’t actually remember how many times I failed. It was again and again and again.

9 thoughts on “Confessions of an anonymous being 

  1. Everyone has stretched the truth especially when trying to impress others but I sense now you are more accepting of yourself and that’s cool. At my 10 year high school reunion there was many people who were trying to impress the others with their stories. At my high school reunion at 15 years people were more comfortable being themselves then if others didn’t like them by then, tough luck. I try to be myself now and that’s got to be enough.


    • This made me think about my own reunion. We haven’t had a proper reunion but we did have a class one organised a few years back but it didn’t go very well for that very reason. My 10 years will be in 3 years time – I wonder if my high school (or secondary school as I assume the equivalent is over here) will do anything. I went to a state school so my guess is no.


  2. It’s all good 🙂 I mean, weren’t we all liars about something at a point in our lives? Besides I still don’t have my drivers license so… yeah. Nice to hear from you again. Now you have less weight to carry around! 😀


  3. My accent changes as well! It depends on who I’m talking to but I feel my stress accent is definitely Indian. My boyfriend always seems to comment on how Indian I sound when I’m mad at him because he is so used to my british accent! 😛 haha

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    • Haha – my stress accent is east London “ghetto”. Or whatever people call it. People who don’t know me get freaked at how aggressive I can sound – especially since at work and at uni (usually around white people in general) my accent is completely different – not posh but you couldn’t tell I was from the estate ;P


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