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I met another man yesterday. He was … nice. There is really nothing much more to say about him. I asked whether he reads – he said no. I asked whether he did anything outside of work – he said no. I asked whether he has any plans in life – he said no. He is just very content with where he is right now.

And at first I was bored. Bored of listening, and bored at even imagining how boring his life would be. That was yesterday. Today I wonder whether he has something I don’t have – content. I am close to 25 and nowhere near satisfied with what I am doing, how much I know, who I am surrounded by. I still push myself to explore new areas and develop old skills.

He is closer to 30 and I wonder if at a point – different points for different people – we just stop wanting more and just start living with what we have. And would reaching that point show an abundance of peace or lack of drive.

I did not know him before yesterday so I do not know if he ever had hope and dreams to be more than he is now. Or of course whether those were to reach where he is now.

I wonder if I will ever get to where I want to be – first step of course being figuring out what that is. And if I ever did get there (wherever and whatever that may be), would I move the prize a little further away?

I guess I know what I want the answer to be. I never want to be satisfied. I want to keep pushing myself, to never settle.

And for the time being, I remain single.

“if someone does not want me it is not the end of the world. but if i do not want me. the world is nothing but endings.” ― Nayyirah Waheed, salt.

10 thoughts on “More to life

  1. Well this certainly gave me something to think about.. I’ve always been a person who has aspired to do different things and work on myself. That’s just who I am.. And not unlike you, I too think people who aren’t into anything are somewhat boring. They may be content with life and where they are and don’t see a need to improve anything.. but it’s always seemed more so unhappiness with life. Or maybe that’s just how I perceived them. Idk.


  2. I don’t know. Content seems kind of dull. What about creative work (like your writing)? What about lifelong learning? Someone with no hobbies or interests or desire to effect change in themselves and the world seems like someone half-dead. What does he do when he gets home from work? Just watch TV and do laundry? Could you live with that? I mean, if that really makes him happy, that’s great. But I don’t think that’s contentment; I think it’s a lack of imagination and engagement in one’s life. You are pushing yourself; you are trying to live your life fully.

    On the other hand, maybe he’ll be the stereotypical “1950s housewife” who keeps the place clean and cooks your meals so you can go on developing your skills. 🙂 That could work!


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