Birthday wishes 

I turn a minute older. And just like that I am a whole year wiser.

Yesterday started with me feeling unwell. Colouring to clear the cobwebs clouding up my mind. It ended with me arguing with my mum. She hurt me deep. But then she offered me an olive branch and I snapped it in two.

I start of this year alone and confused.

I can only pray it will go up from here. Happy birthday day to me.

My birthday wish is to find contentment in myself – in my choices, in the way the world is heading and in the people I have around me.

10 thoughts on “Birthday wishes 

  1. May Allah grant you the peace of mind you so deserve inshallah. Things happen. Let us fix them or give them the time they need to fix themselves and try and move forward and when moving becomes a difficult task, it is ok to temporarily stay put but let us look up when we do so. Happy Birthday 😆

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  2. Woke, well, I wish you happiness in this coming year! 🙂 I’ve had a crappy birthday before. It stinks. But, at least you have something to make you happy. Maybe you’re still finding it? Whatever it is, once you have it, use it. And let some friends take a bit of weight off… 😉


  3. For flips sake 😂 as I was going to say before my phone went ahead and posted the comment (dont know how to delete it, sorry) was – I have crappy birthdays every year. Even if nothing happens and the day is going well I become so melancholic and emotional. It’s out of my control – but then things get better again and I hope they did for you too hun. ❤

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