I’m still spinning 

I have not been writing for a while. I’m not sure why exactly. There are many a times when I have written a whole entry out in my head, phone in hand, yet not typed it out. A few weeks ago I even wrote a whole entry in my little black book. But I did not type it out. 

The world has kept on spinning by and my little world has done the same. 

We’ve had the inspiring protests against the American anthem, the reelection of Corbyn and his cabinet being the most diverse labour has ever had, the Tory conference, and the rise of Trump and Clinton exploiting#BlackLivesMatter. 

As for updates in my little world I am stuck on an awful project and thinking of leaving my company, I am worried about the turnout of a Black History Month event I am organising and am thinking of moving it to next month – after all why stay in October to have an event that focuses on us, I have tried to reduce the amount of “student activism” I do but feel lost in what my calling is, my brother has “come out” as bi, and I am in a new relationship but am worried about whether I should be. 

So maybe last month has been eventful. Well it’s not the first day of the month but I’ve never been good at dates anyway. For the next few weeks I’d like to get back  into the habit of posting daily. Because I miss it. And the dialogue in my head is getting pretty busy. 


My prayers and thoughts are with the people of Haiti. Your lives may not be considered worth a Facebook filter or the time to develop a code to let your loved ones know you are safe. Your lives may not be on the “most read” because the loss of your lives does not cause the pain that’s associated with the loss of human lives. 

But for those of us who do care, we send our genuine prayers. Our love. Our tears. 

And it does take a second thought to remember that we should care. It is not washed all over our media and talked about at work and will not be discussed for weeks on end. 

But we have taken that second to remind ourselves of humanity and the loss of humanity.