Dear future me 

In just a few days I will enter a world I don’t know. The corporate world. And I’m terrified. Frightened of the place, the people, the money, but more so of what I could become. So here’s a reminder to future me, for the times the present me is not so familiar anymore.

Be You

You’re adaptable. You’ve been able to fit in your whole life, being in but feeling out. But you’ve found who you are now. Know the world you’re entering and know that it is not you. So when you’re trying to mix in, don’t forget how happy you felt to find your cause and faith, how much you care and how important your values are to you. Continue reading

Being inspired

A friend, when asked in her job interview, named me as her inspiration. That was probably one of the most touching things anyone has ever said to me. It got me thinking about my own inspirations in life.

Immediately I do think of my mum. A single mother who raised four kids with little finance and little academic background – each of us now succeeding in our own way, strong in our own way and bettering ourselves in our own way. Her strength still gives me strength and her courage gives me courage. But I suspect many people are inspired by their mums – the role itself, done properly, is inspiring.

But after that I struggled.

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