Memories: lost in the sun 

There are moments on this holiday that I want engraved in memory forever. But without the time to write them in a journal I wonder if I will remember exact joy, smells, heat in a few years or even weeks time.

And if so, I wonder if they will be romantised versions. Hotter? Funnier? Longer? And then whether that is such a bad thing after all.

One story comes to mind in particular. We had just finished spending the day in Splash Jungle Waterpark. My friend had researched a local beach being a short walk away from there. So we set off in the hunt for this beach. Bare in mind: our hotel is on a beach resort, we could have got a shuttle back to the hotel, I am wearing a full black scuba outfit that is still a little damp and very uncomfortable.

After a 10 minute walk we take a right. It looks like a road not walked often but then again most people probably go back to their hotel after the park so that would make sense. The further we walk the more and more sand coveres the road ’till we are walking on just sand. Sand that’s being heated by the rays of peak, midday sun. All of us are wearing sandles and as the sand comes into them the souls of our feet are burning. We couldn’t stop to think because the sand was too hot to stop on. The only viable option was to keep going. Because sand must mean water?

Another half an hour walking in direct heat on torturous sand. At this point we looked like we had just come out of the sea – all covered in sweat. I was sweating from places I didn’t know could sweat!

We end up at the boundary of the airport.  This doesn’t seem too hopeful but at least now weave a gate we can walk alongside. So we keep on.

At this point we are a little delirious. We play music and my friend starts marching commanding us to march behind her. And we do. Marching to “you don’t gotta go to work, work, work, work, work, work, work”. On we marched, too invested to turn around.

Until we came to a dead end. This is after an hour of walking which doesn’t seem like much now but in that environment and in that outfit it might as well been a whole day.

So back we turned. Still marching as it’s the only way we could keep going.

After the painful march back we found someone’s house. I collapsed onto the floor, not even caring about the ants and the dog glaring at me. The owner came out and we asked if he knew the nearest taxi place. But of course he did not understand English and we did know Thai. So on we went again back to the park.

Here we had missed the last shuttle by one minute and had to wait another half an hour before a taxi came by.

Somewhere along that journey I lost my sunglasses and I have no idea where. I also burnt my face and feet – but am thankful I did not have a heatstroke.

We can laugh about it now but I do wonder what would have happened if one of us had fainted or we got attacked or accused of trying to enter the restricted. And I wonder how I will remember this story in a few weeks, months and then years

Keeping memories: 5 awesome ways to record 2016

Still on the New Years hype and came across cute ideas to make this year one to remember. Journaling is quite daunting for many people so here are 5 ways you can still capture 2016 with minimum effort. I know it’s already the 2nd day but it’s easy to catch up on a few days.

  1. Memory jar:

    (Image from

    Use an empty mason jar and fill with one memory to summarise the day. This can be a comment someone said, somewhere you went – any memory from the day. Write the date on the paper too. Fold it up and place in the jar. By the end of the year you will have 365 memories to look back on and can make a scrap book out of them.

  2. heyday app: a person journal on your phone. This app automatically collates where you’ve been and your photos everyday – a journal that writes itself. I’ve not used the app before but have just downloaded it so will follow up with an edit on how it goes.
  3. Memory box:

    (image from Design Sponge*)

    A box full of index cards for everyday of the year. You write one line summary of the day. Next year, you would write another line beneath the previous year – and reminisce about the day you had the year before. This idea takes a little effort to make – step by step instructions can be found here (check out the comments section for links to buying the box) – but I think it’s worth it. For those of you unable to make the box – here’s a book you can buy that has the same idea.

  4. Social media: private accounts are a great space to store memories. Tweet your daily happenings with a 140-character limit or Instragram a photo a day. Create a different Snapchat account and add yourself. Now, every time you send a snap – ones that you’ll want to remember – send a copy to yourself. Log in next year to see the whole story.
  5. Ticket box:

    (image from inspiredhoneybox)

    Fill a shadow box (a photoframe designed to let you put items in) with tickets collected throughout the year. This can include anything you want – holidays, cinema, theme parks, comedy shows, even restaurants. And this is an especially cute idea for couples where you can write “admit two”.

Happy memory collecting. Personally going to stick to the memory jar because I love creating scrapbooks and I think it’ll make a lovely scrapbook. I have also downloaded Heyday and am excited to see how that works.

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it become a memory – Unknown