To own a library

I was the type of child that would stay awake after my parents had gone to bed, switch on my light and keep reading my book until fajr. I was the type of girlfriend who’s perfect date would be a trip to a charity shop or second hand book shop. And I’m the type of friend people buy books for their birthday.

Everyone would ask me why I didn’t just use the local library. And the truth is I did. But I still wanted to buy books that I could call my own and keep forever. And sometimes, if I really liked a story, I would buy the book even after reading it.

The reason: I want to own a library.  Continue reading

53 days of summer 

This morning I woke up knowing I have nowhere I must be and nothing I must do. Today I am a free women – for 53 days. 53 days of summer (roll credits).

I start my graduate scheme in September, leaving me with 53 glorious days to myself. This is the first year in six years when I am in this position. Since college I have filled my summers with internships, volunteering roles, holidays abroad and/or work. But this year I have enough money saved up to last me two months of being purely idle – pure bliss.

That is until I realise this is the first year in six years when I am in this position. And I remember why that is the case. I do not enjoy doing nothing. Through all the stress of overworking and taking on more than I can handle, my mind is at peace. I have a purpose and I feel like I am moving forward. I need to feel like I am moving forward. Continue reading