Back with no bangs

Life has been quietly hectic recently. Nothing out of the ordinary yet extraordinary. Being the mum of the house takes a lot more time and energy than I ever thought it would so I decided to take an impromptu break. Even the post from a few days ago was scheduled a month ago and I didn’t have time to edit it before posting – oops!

But the house is still here, the kids are alive and the everything is clean! I’ve surpassed all expectations – especially my own. The individual tasks themselves are not what I struggled it – more so the combination of all the them together, the constant need for something to do and the balancing of my social life.

But I’m back now with fresh ideas and hope to be blogging more regularly. But in the meantime, I’ll be spending the rest of today catching up on my reader. And popping out for some much needed cookie dough this evening. But mostly reading.

I can’t believe I only have 2 weeks left until I start my new job. How did 53 days of summer evaporate so quickly? I only completed three out of ten of my summer plans! But upon reflection I’ve achieved way more than I had planned – working on new projects, spending time with my family and of course being the mum of the house.  Have you been sticking to your summer plans?

Rather than worrying about what I haven’t done, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my freedom – despite the horrible weather we’ve got going on.

53 days of summer 

This morning I woke up knowing I have nowhere I must be and nothing I must do. Today I am a free women – for 53 days. 53 days of summer (roll credits).

I start my graduate scheme in September, leaving me with 53 glorious days to myself. This is the first year in six years when I am in this position. Since college I have filled my summers with internships, volunteering roles, holidays abroad and/or work. But this year I have enough money saved up to last me two months of being purely idle – pure bliss.

That is until I realise this is the first year in six years when I am in this position. And I remember why that is the case. I do not enjoy doing nothing. Through all the stress of overworking and taking on more than I can handle, my mind is at peace. I have a purpose and I feel like I am moving forward. I need to feel like I am moving forward. Continue reading