To own a library

I was the type of child that would stay awake after my parents had gone to bed, switch on my light and keep reading my book until fajr. I was the type of girlfriend who’s perfect date would be a trip to a charity shop or second hand book shop. And I’m the type of friend people buy books for their birthday.

Everyone would ask me why I didn’t just use the local library. And the truth is I did. But I still wanted to buy books that I could call my own and keep forever. And sometimes, if I really liked a story, I would buy the book even after reading it.

The reason: I want to own a library.  Continue reading

The F word

I am a feminist.

There I said it. This word has become muddled and twisted, said by many but understood by few. I have so much to say and obviously a 500 or so word blog won’t be enough to cover this huge topic but here are a few of my initial thoughts.

Feminism is simply the movement to get equality for the sexes. It is that simple but yet, I think mainly due to the toxicity around the word, people are ashamed or reluctant to call themselves a feminist. At the end of the day, I don’t think it really matters so long as you believe in the values. But to me the word brings solidarity and strength. And so I own it.  Continue reading