Those perfect days

“Baby, you light up my world like nobody else.”

Yesterday was one of those rare perfect days. The sun was shining – and doesn’t everything feel better when the sun is shining? – but there was a gentle breeze in the air. The world was in technicolour, the sounds louder but somehow softer. It was one of those days where I could not bare to stay at home, my mind yearning to go exploring and skin yearning for some golden magic.

I painted my lips plum, lined my eyes dark and picked out florals. My attire projecting the bursting brightness I could feel burning inside. Overdressed for a lunch with old friends but I didn’t care. For today demanded notice, excitement and courage. And I would take heed.  

We chatted about the struggles of life – men, money, matrimony. But the tone was light and the mood mellow. Today was not to be ruined with bitterness or anger. We are all where we are, and we are content. For our company was all that was needed on a day like this, and that’s what we had.

Arriving home, I realised I still wanted to stay out. So off to the local park I strolled, book in hand (A Game of Thrones). I watched a couple enjoy a BBQ, children play with their dogs, women rest in the shade, boys smoke whilst sitting on the bench. I watched and I absorbed – absorbed the rays, absorbed the atmosphere, absorbed the quiet. For even though I could hear the city traffic around me, in the park we were all far, far away from it all. For the day was perfect and not to be disturbed by life.

She lifted off her heels, her feet immediately relieved. She fell back and closed her eyes, grateful for her perfect day. Grateful for her wide windows that let the rising sun in and maintained the last shimmer as the sun fell. Grateful for the shoes that made her taller, braver. Grateful for the friends she knew, that thought they knew her. Grateful for grass, and trees, and little ants.  For even though everything was crumbling around her, she would always have today. The day when she was present and alive but somehow absent and quietly observing from above. 

Stop waiting for the perfect day or the perfect moment. Take this day, this moment and lead it to perfection – Steve Maraboli

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