First date: the post-nerves 

So I went on my first date yesterday! I was super nervous but thankfully it went well! I didn’t faint, choke or do anything too embarrassing and here I am telling the tale so he didn’t end up being a murderer.

Actually thinking about it now it went really well. Conversation was flowing, he made me feel very at ease and time just flew by! He kept scoring brownie points after brownie points – leading to fixing of a second date. I know it’s way too early to tell if this will lead to anything serious but the signs are looking positive.

Here are my top 5 ‘this ones a keeper’ moments: 

  1. He offered to pay for my meal. And when I said I could handle it, he didn’t push too far. I like it when a man offers but I also like it when they respect my independence.
  2. He has initiative. I think he could tell I was nervous (perhaps because I literally said I’m really nervous!) so he focused the conversation on projects we’re both involved in and asked me specific questions to divert my nerves. And throughout our conversations I came to realise he is good at leading and taking initiative in general – not waiting for things to be fixed but getting actively involved.
  3. He seems very caring. His tone and the stories he related gave me the impression he would be a very loving kind of guy. And not in the smooth talking type – trust me I work with guys and dated the biggest smoozer of them all! He was very genuine and I don’t think he realised he was doing it.
  4. Our life ethics and goals seem aligned. He seems like the type of guy I could start a life with. His long term goals, his outlook and the work he volunteers his time with are different to mine but they work together. He is very mature and humble. A lot of guys my age are not ready for a long-term relationship. I’m not looking for a fling and neither is he. I think he’s thought deeply about the type of life partner he wants, as have I, and we appear to match. 
  5. He made me laugh- even on things we didn’t agree on. He just made me feel at ease and we were able to talk without getting bored or running out of things to say.

All in all – it was a very positive first date. In fact, the more I think about it the better he seems.

Me. Ok not quite but getting there.

My the only problem now is the worry I had a better impression of him than he had of me! I was clearly very nervous and I think I may have mumbled a few times. I guess only time will tell and he did say he’d want to meet again.

What was your best/worst date? 

6 thoughts on “First date: the post-nerves 

  1. Aw, this was wonderful! I hope and pray he’s the one! Men look at us differently. I’m sure he sees you as an accomplished and successful woman….the right man will totally appreciate that!
    For our success and how we encouraged our daughter is what I would say to you: me. And women are VERY different. No matter how we want to believe we’re not. BTW, I held a man’s job for my career. Woman only started in it about a decade earlier and the workforce was only 10% women when I was hired. I could pull my weight, but I could do things they couldn’t and vice versa. We accepted those differences.
    Since we are so different (opposites attract), go for someone with as many similarities as you can. It worked pretty well for both of us!
    So far, i like this guy for you! Praying you are of the same faith. That’s really most important! And how you like to spend your free time….also a great key especially as you age! My husband and I both love the outdoors, beaches or mountains. And now we more or Lessie outside and travel between beaches and mountains in our golden “retirement” years!


  2. Worst date was he got us into an auto accident. Nothing major, no broken bones. Needless to say there wasn’t a second date. Best date – meeting my now Husband for the first time after a year and a half of talking via phone/internet.


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